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UseNeXT opens the door to Usenet, with the provider giving users quick and easy access to this fast network and all its content. UseNeXT has spent several years as one of the most popular Usenet providers, with several million satisfied users.  In the same way as an internet service provider enables access to the internet, UseNeXT gives its users access to the limitless world of Usenet. This can be conceived as a parallel world to the internet – but one which has some additional benefits.

Usenet content with a single click

A suitable newsreader makes it possible to locate and download multimedia content or to use the discussion forums and join the conversation. With over 25,000 petabytes of data, UseNeXT has one of the largest data repositories of any provider worldwide.

Powerful search function

If you enter one or more search terms, a news reader will search the complete text of the international Usenet groups to find suitable content. The software will mostly produce a complete list of results. The Usenet group will generally be a good indicator as to whether the search result will actually deliver the content you’re looking for. For instance, names such as a.b.freeware will reveal whether or not a hit is really a match. If you want to download one of the files on offer to your own computer, just double click on the relevant entry.

Advantages over the internet

Anyone who finally wants to be able to browse in an ad-free, anonymous and worry-free environment, Usenet is a genuine alternative to the internet! Its decentralised structure enables it to impress in terms of security and privacy, with the added protection of 256-bit SSL encryption, while none of these added features adversely affects the speed of the service. Meanwhile, Usenet also makes online advertising and popups a thing of the past.

In summary: Usenet access as a superb alternative to the internet

UseNeXT works flawlessly – the download speed is always impeccable, providing secure access to Usenet and its content – and it’s all completely advert-free to boot!



UseNeXT 5.62

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